Toastmasters is an effective way for you to overcome the fear of public speaking.

You join a community of learners, and in Toastmasters meetings we learn by doing.

Whether you’re an executive or a stay-at-home parent, a college student or a retiree, you will improve yourself, building skills to express yourself in a variety of situations.

You’ll open up a world of new possibilities: giving better presentations at work, leading meetings – and participating in them more confidently, speaking more smoothly off the cuff, even handling one-on-one interactions with family, friends and colleagues more positively.

If you’re already an experienced speaker, Toastmasters can help you polish your communication and leadership skills and take you to the next level. This is why our club has a variety of speakers, from novice to master.

At our meetings, you’ll learn to handle a variety of speaking situations by giving presentations in front of a friendly and diverse group. Our members come from all over the world and are united by their common desire to improve their public speaking and leadership skills. You will get constructive feedback and above all, you can be sure to have great fun with us.

As a member of Würzburg Toastmasters  you have the opportunity to:
– Develop your presentation and leadership skills
– Conduct efficient, productive meetings
– Connect more effectively with your audience
– Understand the importance of eye contact, posture and gestures
– Use voice to persuade others
– Become aware of any distracting speaking mannerisms
– Learn to pace your talk and use effective pauses
– Provide constructive feedback to others

Toastmasters is a safe environment where you can develop and grow – both personally and professionally.


At the meetings you learn to communicate effectively through giving prepared and impromptu speeches. Leadership skills are also developed through an enjoyable and professional education program. The best way to learn is by doing, and that’s how Toastmasters works!


Members present speeches based on projects from manuals in Toastmasters proven communication program. The first 10 speaking projects provide the member with the essential public speaking skills to deliver effective speeches. Each project focuses on a skill.

The 10 projects from the Communication Track are:

1. The Ice Breaker (Download as a pdf to get started quickly)
2. Organise your speech
3. Get to the point
4. How to say it
5. Your Body Speaks
6. Vocal Variety
7. Research your Topic
8. Get Comfortable with Visual Aids
9. Persuade with Power
10. Inspire Your Audience


In Toastmasters members learn leadership skills by organizing and conducting meetings, and by completing projects in the leadership manuals. Just as Toastmasters members learn to speak by speaking, they learn leadership by leading.

The first 10 projects in the leadership track each focus on the skills required by an effective leader:

1. Listening and Leadership
2. Critical Thinking
3. Giving Feedback
4. Time Management
5. Planning and Implementation
6. Organizing and Delegating
7. Developing Your Facilitation Skills
8. Motivating People
9. Mentoring
10. Team Building